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Furnells has been working with ABNC on highly specialised radioactive movements for many years. This well established company covers specific applications such as radioactive waste management, waste operations, radioactive shipments and decommissioning; all of which are within Furnells field of expertise.  

ABNC - Abbott Nuclear Consulting


Among our projects with ABNC we have dismantled and removed an MC40 Cyclotron (a type of particle accelerator that produces isotopes for medical use.) A challenging job completed on time, and within budget, to the satisfaction of all concerned. Over 200 tonnes of plant, equipment and ductwork was removed from the cyclotron building as part of the decommissioning project. Over 70% of the material was recycled or reused on a project at Birmingham University…  To watch the video / 3D animation of the MC40 Cyclotron decommissioning by ABNC in partnership with Furnell Transport, click here.

More recently Furnells has completed the movement of specialist shielding blocks from Imperial College at Silwood Park and Rutherford Appleton Laboratories at Harwell.

Brian & Greg wrapping items at Silwood Park for disposal at Veolia, Ellesmere Port.

Brian & Greg loading items at Silwood Park as per Shipment Loading Plan.

Chris and Brian loading one of our vehicles with items for disposal at Augean's site at Kings Cliffe.