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Furnells has been using an eTransport system for some time now and it really does help when you book consignments with us. With less information to be passed by email or telephone we can be more efficient on your behalf.


We recommend every customer uses the system as it’s very easy to set you up with a log in, name and password. You can then put everything about your consignment on to the system. Not only does this speed up the entire process, but it ensures we have all the information needed to carry out the work at the right time and with all the necessary details about dates, contacts and the telephone numbers required.

Furnells eTransport - Speed, efficiency and proof of delivery

The system will show you when we have allocated the job, when it’s been completed and will give you access to an online ‘proof of delivery’.

It also gives you a record of all the jobs we have done for you so you can build up information.

It’s simple to use, requires no real training and the efficiencies gained are invaluable.

We really hope you will consider using this system - and we will gladly visit your offices to show you how it works.

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