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Hammar Side Loader

This Hammar Side Loader trailer is capable of self loading one 20ft ISO / shipping container, one 40ft ISO / shipping container or two x 20ft ISO / shipping containers at any one time, up to a maximum of 26 tonnes in weight.

ISO / shipping containers can be transferred from this trailer to a rail freight carriage/unit. This vehicle is extremely useful for the loading and unloading of ISO containers on site, especially in avoiding costly crane hire charges for loading & unloading operations.

A 40ft ISO flat-rack shipping container base can be utilised with this trailer as a flatbed vehicle.

The flat-rack container base can be unloaded and lowered to the floor, loaded with whatever items, product or equipment requires movement, secured for transit and then simply lifted and reloaded on to the trailer in readiness for onward delivery to another site.

At the delivery site the same process takes place for unloading purposes and this avoids working at height issues, whilst loading and unloading takes place.

Furnells continually assesses its fleet; renewing & updating vehicles  to augment and consolidate the transport division.